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From the video case:

Wonderful Atomic Age entertainment with floating brains, telepathic possession, atom bombs, and a scientist whose eyes can destroy planes in mid-flight, plus a sex-starved alien brain monster with lustful desires for beautiful leading lady Joyce Meadows, who delicately refuses it’s advances with a meat ax. (1957, b&w)

Mark says:

I don’t normally like to “retell” the movie, but since the above description does not do it justice, I want to briefly outline the plot. Perhaps you will get a better feel for the type of picture this is.

The Brain from Planet Arous stars John Agar (TarantulaInvisible Invaders) as a man possessed by a brain from another planet (Arous, to be exact).

The evil brain, Gor, has escaped his own planet to dominate and rule Earth. To do this, he needs the body of an earthling, and so he borrows the body of atomic scientist, Steve March (Agar). Gor, enjoying human sensations for the first time, finds himself amorously drawn to Steve’s fiancée, Sally Fallon (Joyce Meadows) and makes passes at her every chance he gets.

Meanwhile, another brain from Arous (a good one this time, named Vol), arrives to recapture the evil Gor and return him to Arous to face his just punishment. To do this, Vol takes possession of the family dog (yes, dog), George. The strategy is to catch Gor outside of Steve’s body, when Gor is at his weakest, and destroy him.

By now, Gor is brandishing his power before the world by blowing up airplanes and setting off nuclear explosions. He announces to government officials his intentions to enslave the world, all the while trying to seduce Sally with his tremendous sovereignty.

The brain itself kind of floats in a transparent way, with two big eyes out in front. It solidifies toward the end of the film and we see it in all its Styrofoam glory. Truly a sight to behold.

What really sells the movie, though, is the freaky look in John Agar’s eyes while possessed by Gor. I’m going to embarrass myself and admit that I think the effect is genuinely creepy, especially when enhanced through a water cooler. His maniacal laughter is a bit unnerving, too. But everyone knows I’m a big Agar fan.

Camp dialog, an insane plot, and cheap special effects make this a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I’ve watched this film more times than I care to admit, and I always find it entertaining.

Brain from Planet Arous also stars Robert Fuller as Steve’s sidekick, Dan Murphy, and B-movie veteran Thomas Browne Henry (Beginning of the EndEarth vs the Flying Saucers) as John Fallon.

Directed by Nathan Juran, aka Nathan Hertz (Attack of the 50 Ft WomanThe Deadly Mantis).

Scene to watch for: Dan really loves his burgers!

Line to listen for: “I chose your body very carefully, even before I knew about Sally, a very exciting female!”

Mark’s Rating! ! ! ½  out of 5.


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